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Spring Is Round The Corner (at last)!!!

It's ghastly out there at the moment! Moody grey skies, apocalyptic winds with the odd hint of rain and sleet are not brilliantly helpful when we are trying to increase our trade back to those brief glory days we saw pre-pandemic. BUT we are pleased to report, that the last couple of weeks have not been a complete washout!

Our Tuesday Bar Nights are doing well, thanks in large to our 2 league pool teams that have home matches at the bar, meaning it's a good night for others to come out for a cheeky drink as there is always a bit of a crowd and a great atmosphere (and the bonus of being able to watch some competitive pool being played)!

Last week we had our monthly quiz (2nd Wednesday of each month) and it was great fun and the most well attended quiz we have hosted to date. Castle Comedy is returning next Wednesday (last Wednesday of the month) which we are really excited for and we have other events planned for the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month that we will be launching shortly... So watch this space!

Our Sunday Vibes sessions are back in full swing too. We open from 12-4pm and it's always free entry, seated, with a chilled vibe and (of course) awesome tunes, whether that's a great playlist, live acoustic music or classic vinyl DJ set (last Sunday of each month).

Our free live music events on a Saturday nights are consistently packing out the place and the atmosphere has been absolutely amazing, full of people drinking and dancing like it's 1999, just the way we like it!!!

So all in all, weather aside, things are a lot brighter than they were a few months ago. However, there is still a long way to go to secure that we survive and thrive!

Friday Nights are improving. We host ticketed gigs on a Friday, partly to be able to offer bands that just wouldn't be affordable on a free entry event and partly to encourage people who love live music to come out and support us, because at the moment there is very little footfall around on Friday nights for us to lure into our venue (so the chances of us finding an organic crowd, let alone one that happens to love live music, is slim)! Touch wood, numbers on Friday nights seem to be steadily growing and we are keeping everything crossed that this is a sign that we are on the right track, as we have some amazing Friday night gigs coming up!

Saturdays BYO Vinyl event is starting to pick up numbers and there is a great vibe with the regulars who come down to share their music finds. This event creates a fantastic eclectic soundtrack for people who are popping in for a post-shopping beer or coffee, or a few pre-dinner bev's, or people simply wanting a game of pool/darts and to work their way through our rums/Crow Cocktail menu! It's pretty relaxed, dogs are welcome, but unfortunately children under 16 are not allowed. We open at 12 noon, outside food is allowed and our twin Technics 1200s & mixer are out 'til 6pm for anyone who fancies their favourite vinyl played through our awesome Studiomaster PA. Everyone is friendly and all music genres are welcome and if vinyl isn't your thing, then just grab a beer or a coffee and enjoy the vibe!

We are taking a break from Thursday night events until next month. We will still be open as a bar, with fantastic beers and tunes (obviously) and will have the pool table out for those that wish to play too! From next month, the calibre of performers we have playing on Thursdays is immense and it's the only night we are able to offer something a bit different from the weekend gigs, something a little more chilled with a mixture of seating, tables and standing room. When these ticketed events are well attended they are absolute magic: intimate atmosphere, amazing performers, a fantastic buzz in the room and as they finish at 11pm there's no excuse for getting out of real-life duties the following day!! We have lined up a mixture of soul & blues performers, original bands, vaudeville voodoo blues, gypsy bop & stroll and chilled, acoustic café vibes. We are still hoping to reserve 1 Thursday per month for our Before World Domination event, which is a showcase of original, high energy music and to give these bands a separate platform from the covers/tribute circuit. We will be listing these events on our website so you can see what goodies we have coming up, but for these to really work, we really do need your support. Whilst our bar nights are good, being able to showcase awesome live music is definitely gooder!!!! So if you agree, if you think that Thursdays don't need to be dull and if you fancy an intimate gig with a table to pop your drinks on, then check us out!

So there we have it, more weekly events than you can shake a stick at!

Coming Up at The Crooked Crow Bar...

This Friday: Rum & Reggae

We are SO excited for this gig. We will have live music from Rocksteady Drop followed by a fantastic DJ set from the legendary Rhoda Dakar (lead singer of The Bodysnatchers)!

Tickets are £8 adv (£10 otd)

This Saturday:

12-6pm: BYO Vinyl

9pm: Live Music From The Corsairs

Are you ready for a night of punkabilly mayhem?! They last played on our stage at Halloween and it was EPIC! Covers you know that are all revved up and a bit of double bass surfing too! AND it is free entry! We recommend arriving early to ensure you get in!

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