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June?! How Did That Happen?!

Well it's the long awaited week of the Plat' Joobs celebrations. At the Crow, the Crew have mixed feelings about it all. After the absolute bumcrack of the last 2 years, there is no doubt whatsoever that this country needs, DESERVES, something to celebrate.

Finally, the pandemic feels like it is past tense and we can plan get-togethers without consulting a daily government checklist, without the worry of socially distanced seating, hand sanitising stations and scotch egg serving points. We are back to the good old days of our biggest concern being whether the rain will hold off and if Aunty Margaret is likely to force everyone to join her in the barefoot Macarena again after one too many G&Ts!

But whilst the nation is excitedly hoisting flags and hanging bunting, for some reason, here at The Crow, we have a niggling doubt. Perhaps it is the worry that these celebrations might just be a distraction. Perhaps it is uncomfortable knowledge that the cost these frivolities is pretty obscene, during a time when basic living costs are so tough for so many. But most likely, perhaps the hospitality and entertainment industries repeatedly taking a Government size 10 boot to the danglies for the last couple of years has just made us sceptical!

Looking around at other businesses decorating and spanking their budgets on party bands and truck loads of yorkshire puds, makes us feel like stick-in-the-muds for not jumping on that red, white & blue band waggon. After all, at The Crow, we love an excuse to party and this is a national celebration! But if the nation is busy planning holidays, BBQ's, street party's etc, then doesn't that also mean that there is a chance that the hospitality sector might be a bit quieter than normal? The vivid, reoccurring nightmare we have had over the last few weeks is that of a flag toting, bunting adorned, pub back room being next to empty, with a few grown ups shovelling down their 5th yorkshire pud and their kids playing with union jack balloons, while the band crucifies another song, with a tenuous link, by Queen.

But cold-sweat-inducing nightmares aside, we are an events bar and host awesome events every week and therefore, this week, it will be no different. We have bunting... okay, admittedly it is black with skulls on, but it is still bunting! We have the British staple of Pie & Mash being served, Jugs of Pimms and a weekend schedule of fantastic events. So we are getting a grip of our scepticism and are very much looking forward to this double bank holiday and all the buzz and excitement that comes with it!

Last week was another belter. We had our Castle Comedy Night on Wednesday, which was fantastic. Friday we had yet another brilliant Hip Hop Lounge and were once again, blown away by the talent that performed. Saturday we had our usual BYO Vinyl during the day and then we were busting some moves to some awesome 80s synth classics, courtesy of The Polaroidz. DJs Double Deckers provided a brilliant soundtrack for our Sunday Vibes session and The Pie Nest was busier than ever, serving Jamaican inspired patties and delicious Pieminister Pie & Mash!

Coming up this week at The Crooked Crow Bar...

We are open Wednesday & Thursday 3-11pm as a bar, which means: fantastic tunes, great beers/crow cocktails/Pimms Jugs, pool, darts, board games and awesome atmosphere!

Free Entry. Over 16s Only. Dogs Welcome.

Friday: We are open 12pm-12am

Serving delicious pies 12-4pm, with great tunes, pool table, darts and board games during the day (over 16s only, dogs welcome) then in the evening, we have our JUBILEE JAM NIGHT from 8pm!

With a fantastic house band and drum kit, pa, monitors, mics, stands, and amps provided, this is an event for musicians to be able to get up on our stage and have some fun, drink some beer and bang out some awesome tunes. If you wish to participate, just let us know on the night. You will need to bring your guitar or sticks (depending on what you play) and we will give you a shout when it's time for you to rock out!

Only musicians are allowed to perform (non-musicians are very welcome to watch/enjoy the event, but wont be allowed to play out their rock god fantasies after a few sherberts)! If you play something other than guitar, bass, drums or vocals, drop us a message (before Friday) via our website or socials and we will let you know whether we can accommodate you This is not an opportunity for bands to gig together (musicians will be mixed up) It is also not an opportunity for solo performances (one man and his banjo is not our vibe)! It is not a karaoke night (so you can save the Neil Diamond for another time)! Over 16s only (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult) The house get's the final say, so no ego's, no hogging the stage, you will be invited to get up to perform and told when to get down again, so everyone get's a shot! This event is always pure magic and a great fun night for everyone who takes part as well as all of those who just pop down to watch, so the perfect event for Jubilee celebrations!!!

Saturday: We are open 12pm-12am

12-6pm: BYO Vinyl

We have great decks and a great PA, so we invite you to come and give your favourite vinyl a spin. No ego's or superstar DJs allowed, just chilled vibes, great beer and eclectic tunes (all genres welcome).

Free Entry. No pre booking needed. Over 16s only. Dogs Welcome.

9pm: Jubilee Party (Free Entry)

Well, Saturday wouldn't be Saturday if we didn't host an EPIC party!!! So hold onto your party hats as DJ Jowitt will be here from 9!

Platinum tunes from the last 70 years!

Northern soul, ska, mod and motown classic vinyl.

Dancing shoes highly recommended!

Sunday Vibes: 12-4pm

Chilled vibes, great beer/cocktails/coffee, awesome tunes, delicious pies and free entry! Over 16s only. Dogs welcome.

Then next week:


It is our monthly quiz and we are proud to report, it is the silliest quiz in town! £1pp, teams of up to 6, 8:30pm start. If you havent been to our quiz before, then you are in for a treat. We recommend you arrive early, because it is popular and there is no pre-booking. Our sparkly jacketed host will lead the teams through various rounds from "Name The Album Covers", "True or False" to "Name That Mouse"! It is just a bit of fun and the winning team gets a round of Crow Cocktails.

THURSDAY: Murder Mystery

As we have moved our Jam Night forward a week to coincide with the Jubilee festivities, next Thursday we will be hosting our Mystery & Murder Night (usually the 1st Wed of each month). It's free to play. Games take about an hour for up to 6 people and blend the fun of an escape room with a challenge to find the murderer! Pool, darts and board games will also be available to play and (of course), there will be great tunes and great beer! Dogs are welcome (although may not be a great help in solving the murder)! Over 16s only.

Friday: The Rooters

Awesome classic rock covers from Thin Lizzy, Black Stone Cherry, Thunder, Sabbath, Journey, Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, ACDC, Alice Cooper, Rainbow to name but a few! Tickets just £3!!! Doors: 8pm

Saturday: The Scallywags

Old skool, great fun, pub-style band, playing fantastic singalong hits from the 60s through to the 00s, with classics from The Killers, Blur, Oasis, Libertines, Shed 7, Charlatans, Proclaimers & more!! Free Entry

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