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Holy Crap... It's August!!!

Be it the fact I am sat in jeans and a woolly jumper, the fact I walked my dog today in the pouring rain, or the fact everything feels a blur after 6 days of fantastic back to back events last week, but it seems absolutely ridiculous to think it's now August. The good news is that I am marginally less cranky than I was when I wrote my last update (sorry about that), so hopefully you'll now be able to ask for a drinking straw without fear of it needing to be surgically removed from your nostrils! I think anyone would have struggled to stay grouchy last week at The Crow. With 2 top name comedians (Ivo Graham & Paul Sinha), 5 fantastic original bands (Cerber Stacks, Coda Rushing, Piss Machine, Zarak & Safest Spaces), a buzzing BYO Vinyl, a brilliant Ska From The Bar session with DJ Double Deckers and an absolutely awesome CCB debut from High Point Players.

Any of you that follow us on Facebook may have seen a strange post go up last week:

"Here at Crooked Crow HQ our ears have been burning! It would seem the local rumour mill has kicked into overdrive with some tales of us closing!

We've never sugar-coated the highs & lows of creating our little venue in our little town. You can keep up to date with our journey from our blog:

So, all you fabulous, music-loving pissheads, din yee panic! If we were ever about to Titanic, we promise we'd let you know when to strike up the violin!

We've had some epic gigs over the last few weeks & still have an obscene amount of fantastic events scheduled in for 2023.

See you at the bar! The Crooked Crow Crew

PS. The rumours about Vic, 3 peanut M&Ms & a donkey, may or may not be true. We couldn't possibly comment"

We added a load of pictures from some of our recent events to hammer home the point too! The reason for the post was we had got wind of some rumours that we were for sale! I mean, it's a small town and daft rumours often fly about, so to be honest we didn't give it much thought. Then at the weekend somebody advised that their friend had been looking to buy The CCB... The next day somebody said that they heard we were closing and the following day our beer supplier popped in as they had been told we had closed!!! So we thought we would make a public announcement to nip the rumours in the bud, else they were likely to get louder and possibly even more ridiculous. As we said in the post, we have never sugar coated the ups and downs of this journey, and having opened in 2020 just 2 months prior to a global pandemic, we have had one hell of a journey to share!

In other news, we did get a fantastic write up I'm the local paper! You can read the article HERE

We have plenty of fantastic events lined up for August and more are being added to the schedule as we speak!


TONIGHT: Blockbuster Film Club

Join us the 1st Wednesday of each month at the old Blockbuster Video unit (now The Crooked Crow Bar) for a classic Blockbuster!!!

Indoor big screen, heating/air con, popcorn, great beer & cocktails & a fantastic sound system.

This month we have the cult, classic The Mummy

Over 18s only. Entry £5 (inc popcorn) Mummy themed drinking game available to play!

Intro by film critic & enthusiast, Van Connor.

If you've not seen these guys before you are in for a treat... Awesome tribute to The Arctic Monkeys. Tickets just £5!!!

Then we have a belter of a weekend lined up... Saturday 12-6pm is our BYO Vinyl sessions. It's relaxed and friendly, no pre booking required, all genres welcome and all experience levels. Just a great opportunity to play some great tunes on our twin Technics through our great sound system! Outside food allowed, dogs welcome (though, not on the decks)! Over 16s only. Beer, coffee & cocktails available. Free entry.

SATURDAY NIGHT...! THEY'RE BACK!!! The Informers are back in town with a fantastic soundtrack of dance-friendly ska, punk and power pop classics from The Specials, Ian Dury, Spandau Ballet, Electric 6 and more. 9pm start., Free entry.

Sunday 12-4pm is WINNER STAYS ON, so join us for some chilled beers and some Mortal Kombat action on the big screen! Over 18s. Free entry.

Then we have an extra Brucey Bonus this Sunday!!! A Sunday early evening gig!!! Yep, free entry, 16+, Soul & Funk live band from 5pm...

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