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Hello Jumper My Old Friend!

I know we've been saying it a lot of late, but last week felt a bit strange!!! Not bad, just strange!!! It suddenly felt cold, the Summer had gone and the town was quiet. That's not to say that we didn't have some great events and some good nights, because we absolutely did! But we are still awaiting that dream of normality to kick in!

We hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning last Saturday and we are pleased to announce that £701.60 was raised for the charity, so a huge THANKYOU for everyone who came down to support. We also had our monthly Eco Social on Wednesday, fantastic live performances from Codename Colin, Easydread, The Mudsharks and Radio Generation on Thursday, Friday & Saturday and a great Sunday Vibes session with DJ Double Decker's providing a brilliant soundtrack of Northern Soul, Ska & Mod vinyl classics.

So onto the final week of September! I don't know whether it's the crazy circumstances, the amount of weekly events we are hosting, or just old age, but the time really is starting to fly past at a terrifying rate! As we said in our last newsletter, things seem far more promising now. Our Save From Extinction campaign, a bit of juggling and a healthy Summer trade, has meant that the we have nearly survived through the month that at one point looked like it could be our last. So the fact that we are still going is fantastic and we are hopeful that as we launch our final batch of changes, marketing and events over the last quarter of this year, we will be heading into 2023 finally with-paddle and in a far more pleasant creek!

Those aforementioned changes are the last of the plans that we had intended to action pre-pandemic, and should help us to utilise our non-event times more effectively. We will be announcing the details as soon as we are ready to launch, so watch this space!

As always, you are essential for our plans to succeed. Your support so far has been amazing. It is mind-blowing to think that what started as a space for us orphaned, music loving pissheads to call home, has resonated with so many of you. So please keep up the good work: spread the word, buy our merch, support our events and prop up our bar (both literally & figuratively) as much as your wallets and livers will allow!

We have a jam-packed schedule of events planned for the rest of 2022 and as we have enjoyed so many fantastic events of all kinds this year, and have so many more ideas we are excited try and bands/events we want to host, we are going to have to make some tough decisions about what events get a regular spot in next years calendar. So if there is an event that takes your fancy and you haven't yet come down, don't delay! We have already decided to shelve our Murder Mystery, Movie and Games Nights for the moment, in favour for some more popular events. Our board games will still be available for you to play when we are open as a bar and we are still hoping to re-introduce the Murder Mystery night and Movie Nights when we have the time to do these events justice! We have added a full list of our regular events at the end of this post, and all this months events are listed on our website.



A classic mixed bill of comedy featuring TV names and rising stars. Hosted by Paul Revill.

CHRISTIAN REILLY is a Perrier Award-winner and former partner of gruff American mainstay of comedy Rich Hall! Christian’s career has taken him around the world many times. On his way, he received accolades at international festivals and numerous network TV credits.

“If you’re a fan of Bill Bailey or Rich Hall, you’re probably a Christian Reilly fan already” - THE GUARDIAN

KEITH PLATT is the worlds only Professional Yorkshireman and king of common sense. His job is dispensing opinions, advice and bloody funny stuff to comedy audiences, festival crowds and petrol station staff all over the world and he actually gets paid for that......he thinks it's bloody marvellous!

“Brilliant, like a Yorkshire Al Murray” – Daily Mail

ANTHONY AYTON is a London kid who was the first black guy at an all-white boarding school, Anthony has a unique and hilarious perspective on life which he weaves skilfully with plenty of very funny jokes, getting big laughs with all types of audience.

“British stand up welcomes the very clever Anthony Ayton” – Reginald D Hunter



The Hip Hop Lounge is the brain child of April Blue & Crazy James, who with a passion for the urban hip-hop scene, wanted to create a platform for fresh talent to perform and for people who love the genre, to enjoy. With open mic slots for singers. rappers & freestylers, guest performances, live band and DJ, this event is absolutely EPIC... Blinding talent, great atmosphere, brilliant music and great beer! Merch available on the night. 8pm-12am

Entry £5


12-6pm: BYO VINYL

Come and give your favourite vinyl a spin on our twin Technic 1200s plus mixer and hear it through our fantastic Studiomaster inhouse PA system. A friendly, chilled environment with a brilliant eclectic soundtrack (so no superstar DJs required)! The pool table is out, board games available and (of course), great beer/cocktails/coffee and delicious pie & mash available 12-4pm.

Free Entry. Over 16s only (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult). Dogs welcome.


9PM: V8

Live, hard rock classics from V8!

These guys always blow the roof off, so we recommend you arrive early to ensure entry, as it's likely to be busy!

Free Entry


Great tunes

Fantastic beer, Crow Cocktails & locally roasted coffee

Pool table / Darts / Board Games

Dogs Welcome

Tasty pie & mash & Jamaican patties

Over 16s only

Free Entry



BAR NIGHT: Every Tuesday 3-11pm *

BYO VINYL: Every Saturday 12-6pm *

THE PIE NEST: Every Saturday & Sunday 12-4pm *

QUIZ: 2nd Wednesday of each month (£1pp, max 6 per team)

JAM NIGHT: 2nd Thursday of each month *

ECO SOCIAL: 3rd Wednesday of each month *

THE HIP HOP LOUNGE: Last Friday of each month (£5)

CASTLE COMEDY NIGHT: Last Wednesday of each month (£12-15)

PIE & MASH UP (SUNDAY VIBES FT DJ DOUBLE DECKERS): Last Sunday of each month *

* Free Entry

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