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Bear With Us!

Following the governments announcement that pubs can open from 4th July, we are going to take our online shop down this week while we sort things out. As you can imagine, we've got a lot to figure out at the moment and quite a few changes to make!

The government has announced that there is to be NO live music (not even acoustic gigs, or outdoor gigs), no singing and no other performances (plays/comedy etc). As the events have always been a HUGE part of what we do, we are going to have to think outside the box to see if and how we can reopen.

Even if we open JUST to sell beer, with one meter social distancing, it is likely that our capacity will be down to less than 50%!

The guidance that was finally published late last week is not brilliantly clear and leads a lot open to interpretation, rather than a clear 'How To' guide, so we have things that we need to check with the licensing department, plus we need to make some adjustments to our room lay out, hours and processes in order to make this work. 

Most importantly, if we were to open, we need to make our venue safe for our customers and staff.

So we will be working through everything over the next few days and will update you ASAP once we have figured out how to brave 'THE NEW NORMAL'!!!

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