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Vitamin D and a Side of Live Music!

I'm not sure if any of you noticed, but it was a full moon this weekend. Whilst us Crow Crew aren't superstitious types, there is no denying that every full moon brings with it a strange amount of customers that seem to have crawled out from under rocks to be a royal pain in the whoopsie, and the only explanation, the only common denominator, is the moon! Well this weekend was no exception. While the puzzle of why the lunar calendar links to the creatures of the underworld frequenting the towns finest waterholes, remains unsolved and strange goings on were noted, they did little to detract from yet another fantastic week at The Crooked Crow Bar. Luckily for us, we have an awesome core of absolutely lovely customers (& some new faces we hope to be seeing again soon) that helped to keep things balanced and some fantastic bands, who's epic gigs that made it all worth while!

Last week we launched a trial event, which was a blend of an escape room, murder mystery & games night. We hadn't a lot of time to prepare the event (hosting 3-4 events a week means there is little time for new projects!), but once we went through the brain-melting process of getting our heads around how we could make the event work without a dedicated start time, utilising the shared bar space with customers that may not wish to participate, without pre-booking & being able to have teams of different sizes & abilities and how to keep it fun, cost effective and not turn into a boring paper-fest, it all went really well! So, a few minor tweaks will be made to link the puzzles together more smoothly and (now we know how to format the event), the puzzles can be more interactive, creative and silly and we will start to host these events on a monthly basis! We will send out the details of our next event as soon as it is ready to launch and get it up on our website and socials, so watch this space!!!

We had fantastic live music last weekend from The Zeroes, Matt Johnson & Folk The System. All performers will be invited back to The Crooked Crow Bar, so keep an eye on our gig lists for more info.

Coming up this week at The Crooked Crow Bar...

Thursday 24th March 8:30pm: Steve Winch & The Inception

Steve Winch & The Inception are a retro-tinged, high-octane shot of adrenaline inspired by mod fashion, punk attitude & 1960s melody. A powerful combination of crunch, punch & killer tunes in the tradition of The Jam, The Stranglers, Elvis Costello. So if you fancy a night supporting fantastic original music at an independent venue with a great atmosphere, The Crooked Crow Bar is the place to be! Entry just £5

Friday 25th March, 8pm: The Hip Hop Lounge

Every last Friday of the month sees our fantastic Hip Hop Lounge.

This is an amazing event and we just can't get enough of it!

Hosted by April Blue & The Crazy James, The HHL has open mic slots for rappers and freestylers, guest performances, a live band and DJs .

Entry is just £5 adv (with limited tickets available on the door)

Saturday 26th March 12-6pm: BYO Vinyl

Free Entry

Friendly Atmosphere

All genres welcome

Outdoor food Allowed

Twin Technic 1200s + mixer & fantastic Studiomaster PA system

Saturday, 9pm: Fret Heads

Their gig a couple of weeks ago was bounced due to Covid, however they are back tonight with fantastic alt rock & pop punk covers from Blink 182, Wheezer, The Cranberries, RATM, The Offspring and more. Free Entry

Sunday Vibes 12-4pm

The last Sunday of the month means that DJs Double Deckers are back with their awesome Mod, Motown & Ska classic vinyl.

Free Entry

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