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An Interview With Impetus


Band name: 


What do you play?

We play a powerful mix of heavy/thrash metal, mainly original material with a few covers thrown in. From the outset we wanted to be an original band, doing our own stuff.

Is there a story behind the band name? 

Not really. It harks back many many years. Greg was studying English at the time and he liked to read dictionaries. The definition ‘power, force with which a body moves’ seemed appropriate.


How long has the band been together?

The band has been together for about 3 years now.

How did the band get together?

The idea was initially conceived over a few beers down the local with Greg & Jim. From there it grew, with Smithy throwing his hat in the ring and the young, super talented #JBK (formerly known as Jarrod) coming on board soon after.



Did you play a gig under the Tier restrictions?

Yes, in October 2020.

What was it like?

Brilliant. Despite tier restrictions, it was one of our best shows yet. Helped by a well managed venue, great PA, an amazing light show and a capacity crowd!


Have you gigged at all? 

Other than the Crow Bar gig, sadly no. We did do a live stream ‘gig’ which was great fun, but not quite the same. 2020 was shaping up to be a good year for Impetus as we started to make in-roads into the local metal scenes. But Covid put a stop to all that.

Have you written any lockdown songs? 

Yes, the band has worked on a few new songs to add to the setlist.

How tough has the lockdown been on the music industry? 

Very tough, and catastrophic for many, especially for those whose main income is from music. The real impact is only just starting to dawn on us. So many venues, bands, artists and other professionals have fallen or will fall by the wayside, changing the footprint of live music forever.

Do you think the lockdown will have changed the industry… if so how? 

In the short term yes, but hopefully longer term it will return to a ‘new normal’.


What’s your favourite song in your set… why?

Restless. It captures everything Impetus is about in just under 3 frantic minutes. Fast, heavy, unrelenting, with a thumping melody to boot.

What song would you love to cover but as yet don’t?

Nothing springs to mind. We do have quite an eclectic range of covers under out belt, ranging from electronic dance to Motown. Who knows what we might tackle next……….

What’s your best or most embarrassing band story?

An ‘honorary’ band member falling asleep at the wheel

What’s your worst gig (performing or viewing) ?

Greg went to sunny Skegness to see a genuine bona-fide rock legend perform with his current band. Unfortunately the gig was over after just 2 songs due to medical issues.


What’s your favourite joke?

We don’t do jokes

Who is the singer you would most like to punch in the face?

Olly Murs

If you could play anywhere and anything, where/what would it be?

The Minack Open Air Theatre on a cliff face in Cornwall somewhere - that would be cool. Or failing that, we’d settle for Bloodstock or Download

Who would win in a fight, a gnome with a machete or a badger with num-chuks? 

Badger, 3 rd round


Plans for after lockdown?

Get rehearsing and gigging again. More songs. Record an EP. Conquer the world. One good thing that will come out of all of this Covid stuff is the massive live music party that will happen once restrictions are lifted. Impetus will be ready to join the party!

See you all soon.

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