Join Us As WE Embrace The NEW NORMAL!

Yes, in the words of KRS-One, "WHOOP WHOOP".


We will be embracing the NEW NORMAL as of Thursday 9th July. Things are going to be very different to how they were pre-lockdown, but we are taking every precaution we can to keep you safe, so you can head to The Crooked Crow Bar, grab a nice cold pint and wait for this all to blow over!!!

We have made available "DRINKING SESSIONS". These will need to be booked in advance.

To book, simply choose your session and click on the button (sessions can be booked in advance)...

Thursday Drinking Sessions:

Friday Drinking Sessions:

Saturday Drinking Sessions:

Sunday Sessions:

You can book for a maximum of 6 people (NB. You are only allowed to drink with members of your own household or support bubble and 2 other households)

All tickets are free.

All booking info (name and contact email) will be kept on file for 21 days to assist the NHS track & trace if an outbreak or suspected outbreak is reported.

During your session, you must be seated.

Drinks will need to be ordered via phone app (details upon arrival to your session) and paid for & collected from the bar when you are notified they are ready. WE ARE HOPING THIS WILL NOT BE AS COMPLICATED AS IT SOUNDS!!!

Card payments are preferred.

You will be expected to maintain social distancing and wash your hands (we will have hand sanitiser stations available).

We have increased our cleaning schedule and will also be cleaning thoroughly in between each drinking session.


Whilst we CANNOT WAIT to see all you lovely pissheads again, we all know that there are some absolute morons out there and it is vital that we keep The Crooked Crow Bar as a fun and safe place for you to be. We therefore will be refusing entry to anyone who hasn't pre-booked onto a session, anyone who is already smashed and anyone who is a pain in the arse will be removed from the premises (possibly using a big stick)!

Figuring out how this is going to work for us as a business may take a bit of trial and error! We have therefore limited days of sessions for now and the venue capacity. For now, we will close the pop-up shop (although we may bring this back in a week or so)! There will sadly be no live music or performances (by order of Boris), but background music is allowed and we are working on events that we can offer that can be undertaken under the current restrictions... So watch this space for details!!!


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