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Its been a crazy few days... In fact, who are we kidding, it's been a crazy few months!! In uncertain times for pubs, on little more than a wing and a prayer, we opened an independent music bar, in a disused Blockbuster Video unit, in the middle of January... And it's been bloody AWESOME!!!


But nothing could have prepared us for recent circumstances, and like everyone else, they have hit us hard.

When Boris announced on Monday that the public should avoid pubs, we as a team were gutted, but as we genuinely have come to love so many of our Crow customers, their safety and the safety of their loved ones has to come first.

We have therefore taken the decision to cancel all upcoming gigs and close our doors to the public with immediate effect.

We can't even begin to express how sad this has made us.. The Crooked Crow Bar has been more to us than just a business. We have poured our love, sweat and tears into this baby (not to mention every penny we could muster)! Our Crow Crew are not only our friends, but our family and we could not make it through this tough time without their continued love and support. But we do have every faith that we will make it through. We know nothing is certain, but we have hope.


We will keep our social media active & keep sending newsletter updates, not only to keep you updated as to when we will back up and running, but also to try and lift the spirits of any of you who are having to isolate.


Things are changing everyday and its likely that things are going to get worse before they get better, and people enjoying fantastic live gigs will soon not be possible. Hopefully musicians will be busy composing, ready to perform their fresh, awesome new tunes once all this has blown over. And as they will be needing an awesome music venue to do this, we hope to be here ready to host these utterly EPIC gigs!!!


In the meantime, stay safe, stay positive and look forward to the better times ahead.... they will be coming soon xxx


Much Love,
The Crooked Crow Team