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  #Save From Extinction

If you want to get involved in our Save From Extinction campaign and help The Crooked Crow Bar finally recover from the damage caused by the pandemic, here's how you can help:


1. Spread the word!

Share our social media posts. Tell your friends/family/post man about us! Leave us a good Google review. Share links to our fundraising campaign.

2. Fundraise!

Whether you fancy a sponsored bike ride, egg & spoon race, or sitting in a bath full of baked beans, you can link your fundraising to our campaign.

3. Contribute (if you can) to our fundraiser.

4. Buy some merch!

You'll be helping us raise money & spread the word, all whilst looking cooler than a penguins todger!

5. Come and see us!

Attend and support as many of our events and fundraisers as you can, or just pop in for a cheeky coffee, pie or a pint!



We know that times are hard at the moment for everyone, but if you are able to, please: HELP US CROW-BE-ONES, YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE!

Our Story...

Well, it's been a tough old journey! 

We left our previous existence, an old spit & sawdust, rock pub, back in November 2019 when our former landlords retired after a 35 year long lease. The brewery had decided they wanted the pub back, leaving us, the staff (all of us friends as well as music-loving patrons), a bit lost! Whilst our town has many fine drinking establishments, as we roamed the streets of Leighton Buzzard, we found nowhere 'music led', nowhere 'alternative', nowhere that felt like we truly belonged. Then it dawned on us (after way too many sherberts), if we wanted to find our new spiritual home, we would need to create it ourselves. To be honest, we're not sure that any of us back then, thought they would actually let us do it! But as business plans got drawn up, applications were approved and various permissions granted and before we knew it we were paintbrush in hand, stood in a former Blockbuster Video unit, preparing to launch Leighton Buzzard's first ever independent, events bar! 

So there you have it, that's the story of The Crooked Crow Bar. 

We launched on the 18th January 2020, with our awesome team, fantastic live music, brilliant events, a pool table and some church pews we had managed to swipe from our old gaff and (of course) a well stocked bar! 

The people of Leighton Buzzard were queuing to get in and we should have all lived happily ever after. But then... Covid-19. 

We closed our doors just 2 months after we had first opened them. A week later the whole country was in lockdown.  

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