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More Fantastic Events...? Go On Then!

Last week was yet another absolute corker! We had fantastic midweek acoustic music from Little White Lights, Original Jamaican Ska from The Estimators and Classic Rock from Black Rose Society and all 3 gigs were pure gold! So, not wanting to take our foot off the accelerator, we are heading full throttle into this week with even more fantastic events lined up!!!

As today is International Womens Day, we wanted to give a quick shout out to all the amazing, strong and talented women that make The Crooked Crow so bloomin' marvellous, from Crow Crew, performers, reps, contractors to customers.

The concept of a dedicated day to appreciate 50% of the population feels a little bit like the concept of clapping for the NHS - it was a nice gesture, but it really didn't do a lot to help provide them with vital PPE or a pay rise. There's no arguing that it is important to recognise the fantastic contribution that women continue to put into our industry & society in general, however, surely it's about time that all sectors of society were are given the same opportunities and paid, valued and respected equally, then we could get on to concentrating on far more enjoyable diary dates, such as international doughnut day, or international talk like a pirate day! But philosophical musings aside, today does act as a reminder that at The Crooked Crow Bar, our aim is to have a safe space for all, therefore if you are female and want to frequent a bar / go to an event / watch a gig without being hassled, without being mansplained to, without people asking you why you're on your own (like it's somehow scandalous!), without some silly sod telling you to smile (etc etc, I'm sure you all know the score), then please approach any of our Crow Crew at any time, as we are ALWAYS more than happy to tell sexist idiots to bugger off! To be fair, if you are not female and are hassled for any reason, then also tell the bar staff, our willingness to tell people to bugger off is not limited to the sexist!

But, anyway, enough on that! It's strange to think that this week in 2020 was the last normal week we would have for 2 years! And we have a few things up our sleeve to celebrate the anniversary of that 1st lockdown coming up next weekend (details to follow). But for now...

Coming up This Week at The Crooked Crow Bar:

This Wednesday is our Quiz Night!!!

With the usual quiz rounds, some unusual quiz rounds and plenty of silliness added in the mix!

It's max 6 people to a team, £1pp.

This isn't your standard pub quiz, it's way more fun and a lot less serious!

Our quiz has been becoming very popular and as tables are given on a 1st come basis, we recommend you arrive early to secure your place. (Quiz starts at 8:30pm)

No pre-booking required.

Over 16's only.

THIS THURSDAY 8:30pm - Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls will be bringing their voodoo vaudeville blues to Leighton Buzzard, so come on down and shake them rattlin' bones!

Tickets £7adv (+bf), £10 otd

"Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls were a joy to behold. Rooted firmly in a bygone era when Voodoo and Black Magic were rife, the audience were all spellbound by the performance and its originality" - Adrian Blacklee - Blues Matters Magazine (UK) "... a wonderfully enchanting show where magical songs were scattered." - The Next Gig (NL) "Tongue firmly-in-cheek they provide a full set of old school entertainment, a sideshow where vaudeville, blues and skiffle conspire to get their audiences to dance their asses off." – Hans Werkman / Here Comes The Flood (NL)

"... they've conjured up some delicious spells in their cauldron of verse, complete with wing of bat and tongue of snake" - Graham Munn / Blues in Britain​ (UK)

"Don’t fight it, let your soul be taken by the voodoo and soothed by these irresistible bluesy rockabilly rhythms. Turn to the dark-side…" - Neil Hodge / Louderthanwar (UK)


Join us at The Crooked Crow Bar on Friday 11th March for a top night of your favourite covers by Blondie, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Adam and the Ants, Talking Heads, The Cars and many more…!

It’s Fiver Friday at the Crow!

+ Limited tickets available on the door.

Band start: 9pm

Saturday 12pm-6pm: BYO Vinyl

If you fancy hearing your favourite vinyl get a spin on our twin Technics 1200s +mixer, through our fantastic Studiomaster sound system, then drop down and see us on Saturday! No pre-booking needed, free entry, friendly atmosphere and all genres welcome. AND if vinyl isn't your bag, then just soak up the great vibe and eclectic soundtrack and grab a few beers or work your way through our Crow Cocktail menu! Strictly over 16s. Dogs welcome. Outside food allowed.

Saturday, 9pm: The Fret Heads!

We are so excited to have these guys back at The Crooked Crow Bar. It is always EPIC when The Fret Heads are in town.

With alt rock and pop punk classics from Blink 182, Weezer, The Cranberries, The Offspring, Bloodhound Gang, RATM & more!

Free Entry (we recommend you arrive early to ensure entry)!

Sunday Vibes 12pm-4pm

We had originally intended to relaunch our Sunday Vibes acoustic Sessions this week, however the lead singer of scheduled band, Mr. C has unfortunately dropped a refrigerator on his foot and is unable to perform. Of course, being the caring crew that we are, we have sent him countless ACME / Wile E Coyote gifs to help him laugh through the pain, and we will reschedule Mr. C as soon as Hop-along has fully recovered. So this Sunday we thought we would instead make the most of having our pick of the tunes and treat you all to a rather special soundtrack of our favourite songs. Free Entry. Outside food allowed. Strictly over 16s. Dogs Welcome.

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