A Catch Up With Our Resident Northern Soul Spinner!

Who are you?

I’m Ben – half of the Ben and Paul DJ double act. You’d have thought we’d have come up with a proper, performing name by now.

What do you play?

A mix of mostly 60s and Northern Soul and ska. Saying that, we also throw in some RnB and punk / new wave if it looks like that’ll go down well.

How long have you been Djing?

On and off, a few years. Paul’s been DJing quite a bit longer

How did you get into it?

Other friends were doing it regularly and so I thought ‘I’ve got loads of records, I’ll give that a try’. It was just here and there, when the band I’m in wasn’t playing and it wasn’t until 2020 that I teamed up with Paul and started doing it regularly.

Have you played at the Crooked Crow Bar?

A few times, last summer / autumn for the Sunday Vibes afternoons. We were looking at

doing an evening set as well, but those plans are scuppered for the moment.

What was it like?

Great. A nice atmosphere with a real mix of people. The pork pie was especially nice.

What are the three songs you play that always get a good reception?

Tin Soldier (Small Faces), Tainted Love (Gloria Jones) and Turning My Heartbeat Up (MVPs)

What song do you most dread being request