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October Madness

I'm not going to lie, as I write this update, it is a little late in the day and whilst I am desperate to tell you all about what's been going on and all of the amazing things we have coming up, there is a chance, writing this now is a bad idea.

I would love to report that due to my epic rock'n'roll lifestyle, that by 9pm, I've drunk my own bodyweight in prosecco, but the harsh (and rather boring) reality is that I rarely drink at home or work, which in effect means that I rarely drink. (Trust me, pity is not required, I more than make up my alcohol consumption quota when I do manage to get out to play)! But we had a Macmillan Coffee Morning last weekend and in preparation for that I baked some gluten free cupcakes, and also attempted to make some coconut ice. The thing is, the coconut ice hadn't set in time for the Coffee Morning, so it has been sat in my fridge where it has been taunting me with it's sugary naughtiness all week. Anyway, tonight I finally caved and have had rather a bit more coconut ice than is probably suitable for human consumption, so you'll have to forgive me if this update isn't completely coherent, as basically I am buzzing my bleeding baps off!

So, let's start with the what's been happening. In short: A LOT!!!

Gazza Records brought us 2 fantastic musical acts from New York: Cannonball Statman & Grasping Straws. We had UK rock'n'roll masters, Hipbone Slim & The Kneejerks, another Sh*t Shirt Saturday with That's What She Said, some great gigs from Black Rose Society, Bring to Bear and Albion, Bad Hombre & The 38s. Plus we had the Ollie Vees Takeover, which was bonkers fun, with fantastic rock'n'roll DJ sets and live music from The Ichi Bons who were on tour from Toronto! We saw the return of our Castle Comedy night and retro gaming day. B4 World Domination hosted 3 fantastic original bands: Say Yes, Do Nothing, Skimmington Ride and Graveyard Rats. We had another fantastic Ska From The Bar and some great fun BYO vinyl sessions and bar nights. We hosted our 3rd Macmillan coffee morning and also hosted LB Film Festivals Monday talk and Thursday documentary screenings... So it's been a complete whopper of a couple of weeks!!!

As you can imagine, with so many events over the last couple of weeks, it's been a complete rollercoaster! The biggest thrill ride of the lot was probably (for me, at least), The Ollie Vees Takeover. Billie, Sam and the OV team outdid themselves, turning our little venue into a tiki bar for the day. They hand built 2 bars, one outside rum punch bar and one tiki cocktail bar inside, decorated to make it all very retro cool, and split the stage in two, one side with fantastic DJ's spinning their vinyl, one side with an amazing surf & twang band, The Ichi Bons, playing a roaring set in front of the big screen with vintage pin-up reels playing to set the vibe. There was retro clothing and merch set up out the front and a bit of a seating area for everyone to cool off after some serious jiving. It was so fun to collaborate with another local business and good to get an infamous Ollie Vees cocktail once again. Hopefully the guys will be opening the doors to Ollie Vees Tiki Lounge again in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on their socials for updates.

Having picked up a bit of momentum, we are crashing into October with more welly than a Paddington Bear convention...

The Madness starts back up this weekend:

Friday 6th, 8.30pm: El Bronson

Oh yeah, they're back Gringo's! Playing perverse hard rock, metal and dance belters from SOAD, RATM, Drowning Pool, The Prodigy and Abba!!!! This is not for the faint hearted!!!

Free Entry, 18+

Saturday 7th 12-6pm: BYO Vinyl

Free entry. All genres welcome. No pre-booking required, no superstar DJ skills needed (or wanted)! Just pop in and give your favourite vinyl a spin on our fantastic decks.

Saturday 7th 8.30pm: Popscene

Banging indie and Britpop anthems from Oasis, Stone Roses, Shed 7, Pulp, Blur, Supergrass and more. Free Entry. 18+

Sunday 12-4pm: Rum & Reggae

Great reggae and ska tunes, our usual great range of rum + tasty rum cocktails, pool table and board games available to play. Dogs welcome. Outside food allowed. 18+


The amazing Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls is returning this month, for a night of voodoo magic at The Crooked Crow. Dark, vaudeville cabaret blues and fantastic storytelling through a night of spellbinding songs. Thursday 12th October, 8pm. Tickets are now available from our website.

PLUS we have some HUGE gigs heading your way...

Details and tickets available from our website

PLUS, PLUS!! Keep your eyes peeled as details of our upcoming Clothes Swish will be released tomorrow, and details/ticket links for New Years Eve and of all gigs coming up this year (including the date for The Crooked Crow Bar PANTO) will be up on the website by the end of this week.

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