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January Blues

Having crashed into 2023 with ringing ears, aching feet and a whiff of stale smoke and alcohol, it's no wonder that the monumental task of getting 2023's epic schedule of events all sorted, has been little daunting! I am happy to report that plenty of progress has been made and that, even as I type, more and more fantastic events are being confirmed, ready to be listed on our website. I've said before when talking about how we created the CCB back in the beginning, that it didn't feel like we had designed it, more like we had unearthed it. Like The Crooked Crow Bar was always here somewhere in these walls and we just helped to bring it to life (mind you, I had been standing in a room full of paint fumes for some time when I had this epiphany)! But now I am up to my nips in bookings and planning, that same thought again springs to mind. It almost feels like The CCB is it's own beast and whilst the space is versatile, trying to shoehorn certain events into the space just isn't going to work. We need to focus on letting the CCB be the creative, alternative, quirky, inclusive, embracing of the weird and wonderful, straight-talking venue that it wants to be. And no, I haven't been drinking... but there is a very real chance that at the end of day 12 of bookings, I've simply just cracked!

Anyway, enough waffle! What the Crow does best is live music and that we certainly don't intend to change! You can expect all of your favourite bands returning in 2023 as well as a few new corkers for you to get your groove on to! We will continuing with our monthly Castle Comedy Nights from February, and our quiz, (we will be hosting a special quiz the last Wednesday of January, before it returns to the 2nd Wednesday of each month). We will also be introducing a monthly Blockbuster Movie Night on the 1st Wednesday of each month and will have then a mixed bag of a whole range of fantastic events from drag shows, immersive theatre, games nights and yes, more live music! We will be announcing more details over the next week.

Last week we had a couple of fun midweek bar nights, a great alt 80s disco on Friday, live rock classics from the fantastic Black Rose Society on Saturday and the perfect chilled Sunday Vibes session to finish off the week.

Coming up this week:

I appreciate that this is a bit of a short update this week, but there will be more to update (I promise) if I just crack on! So expect more info landing soon!!!

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