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Do Not Adjust Your Sets! This Weeks Blog Is Actually Not Late!!!

Who'd have thunk it?! A blog post/newsletter update this year that is actually letting you know what is going on in time for you to do something about it!!! I know, it's a miracle, and one you had all better make the most of, because the chances of me getting my crap together two weeks on the bounce are slim to none!

Last week was an odd'en. Quiet, but then it was 2 weeks after new year & Decembers early pay day was seeming a lifetime ago for many. Add to that some torrential rain and there was really not a lot to entice the masses to the bar. We had expected as much and had skimped on the events in order to save on the budget. It's a tricky balance, after all if we put nothing on, then no one wants to come out, but even the best of events would be a hard sell 2 Wednesdays into a new year! But we opened all week, had quite a few familiar faces pop in to keep us sane, then Friday we had our 90s Night, an alt Indie Disco and we were pretty surprised at the amount of people who came down to enjoy it. Saturday daytime was reasonably busy too, and Saturday night The Polaroidz played a blinding gig full of alt 80s classics, to a colossal crowd, all throwing shapes like we had unleashed a swarm of invisible bees! It was fantastic. And again, gives me hope that as we return this week to a full schedule of events, we aren't completely bonkers! That people are perhaps going a little stir crazy and could do with something fun to take their minds off the grizzly grey of January!

As we have SO many fantastic events coming up to tell you all about and as I have taken the gamble to write this at 3am after a couple of glasses of Prosecco (and by glass, I mean pint tankard), I will keep the waffling shorter than normal and crack on with the important bits!



Informal meet up group for likeminded people who care about our planet. All are welcome, just drop in, no need to book.

We are also open as a bar, with great tunes, beer & Crow Cocktails, pool table and board games.


If you are part of a group that wants a space to have an informal meet up once a month (3rd Wed), get in touch with us

(you can email us via our website, or send a message via our socials).

Over 18s. Dogs Welcome. Free Entry


Seeing as we are in the former Blockbuster unit, it seems a crime not to be showing some fantastic retro movies!

Tonight we will be holding a special, free entry screening of the classic, Jurassic Park! Over 18s only. Limited seats. No pre booking needed, (entry on a 1st come basis). 8pm

This is a Pre-launch of our monthly Blockbuster Film Club that will be taking place on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Tickets are usually just £5adv (inc popcorn).

Our Blockbuster Film Club starts Wed 1st Feb, showing Drop Dead Fred.

Friday 20th Jan, 8.30pm: The Machine Rages On (+Audionasties)

To say we are excited for this gig is an understatement. The Machine Rages On are an epic RATM tribute that absolutely blew us away when they were last on The CCB stage!

And they are supported tonight by the fantastic indie-punk band, Audionasties.

Tickets are £7adv and have nearly all gone, so if you don't want to miss out, get on it quick!

Standing/Indoor gig. Over 18s only.


12-6pm: BYO Vinyl

Over 16s. Free Entry

9pm: Live Music from The 403

This is The 403's CCB debut, but some of the faces may be familiar!

Party Rock Classics, so dancing shoes highly recommended!

Over 18s.

Free Entry

SUNDAY VIBES 12-4pm: Great tunes, beer, Crow Cocktails, locally roasted coffee, Pool table, Board Games, Over 16s, Dogs welcome, Free Entry.

Next week:

TUE: Bar Night with league pool

WED: The Big Fat Quiz Of The Crow (this will return to it's usual home, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, from February).

THUR: Murder Mystery - join us for an in-pub escape room, murder mystery night!

FRI: B4WD showcasing 3 awesome original bands, The Ology's, Slic Pickles & Octrain, Entry £3 OTD

SAT: Clothes Swish (Drop off 12pm. Swishing 1-2pm)

BYO Vinyl 12-6pm

The Beaulocks, 9pm. Fantastic high energy New Wave and Punk Classics from a few band members you will recognise very well indeed!!!!

SUN Vibes 12-4pm

February & March's listings will be up on the website and socials by the end of this week, so keep your eyes peeled. Now I'm off to refill my tankard!

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