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2 Year Celebrations

Can you believe it..?! It was two years ago that we made the decision to close our doors. Just a few days later the country went into it's 1st lockdown. No one saw it coming, no one thought that 2 years later we would still be feeling its impact. As we are now hurtling, full speed towards Spring, things do seem to be a lot more positive than before and having survived those 2 very difficult years for our industry, we think it is time to celebrate.

Last week was another fantastic week at The Crooked Crow Bar, but as a reminder that Covid is not yet a distant memory, we did have some last minute changes to our schedule. Wednesday night we hosted another great quiz, silliness ensued and a good time was had by all! Thursday we had the fantastic Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls treat us to a night of Voodoo Magic, Friday we had the return of New Wave / Power Pop band The Atomics and a change to the billing on Saturday night, saw the brilliant Crow debut of The Bottle Kids. For anyone who was looking forward to the scheduled gig by The Fret Heads, don't worry. The guys had to cancel due to covid, but will be returning to The Crow on Sat 26th March for a night of much needed pop-punk & alt rock classics!

So, 'how are you going to celebrate this week?', we hear you ask! Well, as you know, it has always been our intention to not only bring you more live music than you could shake a stick at, but to also host a heap of other exciting events. The problem we have had is time. We don't know if you have noticed, but time seems to be whizzing past at a ridiculous speed and while we have upped our game with the amount of amazing gigs we have been hosting each week, finding the time to organise/create other events has been challenging. However, this week we reached an epiphany: This week, the same as last week and the week before, we will host loads of live music and the staff will be busy, by the end of the week they will be crackered and the week will have been awesome. Next week and the week after and the week after that, we will host loads of live music and the staff will be busy and by the end of the week they will be crackered and the week will have been awesome. FACT! So there is no extra time. No matter how long we wait, no more time will become available, so then we have a choice: Run with what we are doing (which is undeniably awesome as it is) or just do the things that we want to do in the little time we have. So we have decided to embrace the chaos and just bloody do it! If some events are a bit last minute, a bit adhoc, a bit tongue in cheek, so be it. What we can guarantee is that they will be fun and they will be bonkers!

So back to your question... "how are you going to celebrate this week?", we are so glad you asked!!! Check this out...

Wednesday: Bar Night

We will be open from 3pm.

Pool Table

Board Games


Great Tunes

Great Beers / Crow Cocktails

Free Entry

Outside food allowed

Dogs Allowed

Thurs: A Tale of Murder

Murder Mystery/Game Night

We are blending the fun of an escape room with a night in the bar!

The Crooked Krows need your help to solve the murder and preferably before the police arrive!

This is just a bit of fun, trial event so it will be free entry. Doors: 8pm

Friday: The Zeroes

Every time we have had a momentous event (and trust us, over the last 2 years there have been many), The Zeroes have played! They played our 1st ever night at The Crooked Crow Bar, NYE 2019 before we had even finished decorating and officially launched! They played our last legally-required outdoor gig, the gig before the last lockdown, the seated gig where we had to serve food (albeit a scotch egg would have been sufficient), the gig after restrictions were lifted etc, etc. So we thought, as we are celebrating, The Zeroes are the only band for the job! This will be a free entry party, so arrive early to ensure entry. Band start 9pm, with indie and party classics with a cool Latino vibe!

Saturday 12-6pm: BYO Vinyl

Pop down and see us and give your favourite vinyl a spin on our twin Technics 1200s +mixer and hear it through our fantastic in house Studiomaster PA. All genres welcome. No pre-booking needed. Friendly atmosphere. Outside food allowed.

9pm: Live music from Folk The System

Folk mayhem with punk attitude, think sea shanties that get your feet bopping!

Free Entry

Sunday Vibes 12-4pm

As always we will be open from 12-4 with our chilled Sunday Vibes session.

Chilled music (playlists / live acoustic / Vinyl DJ sets)

Great beers / Crow cocktails / coffee

Brilliant atmosphere

Free entry

Dogs welcome

Outside food allowed

Strictly over 16s

Totally Locally Leighton Buzzard’s FiverFest has returned for its 3rd year EVEN bigger and better!

FiverFest brings you fantastic offers from loads of local, independent businesses until 26 March 2022.

Grab a bargain Spend Local Support Local

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