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Lockdown Looms Again!

We're sure you've all heard the news... as of Thursday we find ourselves back in lockdown This year has been a million miles from what we expected. In fact, back when we first got the keys to our empty unit in December, it would have been laughable to think, just a few months later, we'd be in the midst of a global pandemic!

But, despite all that 2020 has thrown at us, we are really proud that we have managed to transform our little unit into such a fantastic Events Venue!

The support for the Crooked Crow Bar has been genuinely overwhelming and we want to thank you all for being so bloody lovely and making this journey, not just bearable, but so much fun.

Trust us, our journey is nowhere near being over... We have oodles of brilliant events to jam pack into the coming months... This is just the beginning!!!

We will be closed this Monday for works to continue on our immense (& not very subtle) lighting rig! Tuesday we will be open 12-10pm for anyone who would like to join us for a farewell beverage (no pre booking required). We wont be open on Wednesday* (our staff need time for one last legal piss-up before lockdown too)!

Thankyou to everyone for the kind messages over this weekend.

*Any events booked for November will be rescheduled asap. All purchased tickets will be refunded.

We will of course keep you all posted about the upcoming, amazing events we have lined up for you in December.

If we dont see you Tuesday, stay safe, be kind, and see you in a few weeks

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