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Further Tales & Ramblings of a Slightly Less Bemused, but Still Quite Unkempt Drummist

Back in January, when “stuff” was at an all-time height of uncertainty and gloom, I penned a little insight into my mental unravelling’s. Since then, we’ve all been through some remarkable events, good and bad.

Let’s start with some of the bad, in no particular order of events. Only because at the best of times I don’t have the ability to remember the order of the alphabet, let alone in which chronological order events actually happened – or even if they actually happened at all.

First up is the now very tiered and boring fuel “panic”. The thing with that situation which got me a bit perplexed, was that when the inevitable warning lights and various pinging noises my van was making and were needing vital action, I felt guilty about joining the queue of shame, just to reduce the lottery of making it to the shops without incident to precure sugar puffs and weedkiller on mere fumes.

It was also the seemingly endless misspelling of the word “queue” on various social media posts which for some reason, made me want to shout “It’s bloody well Q U E U E” from the multistorey, whilst addictively looking at my phone for further local info on where there may be a sniff of diesel. Needless to say, all the pasta I’ve been wiping my arse on since the bog roll shortage of 2020, may have added to my over all discomfort. This was a truly odd event which I’m still trying to process with much less rage and high blood pressure. Why is there never a shortage of shit stuff like wasps or rice pudding.

Another truly crappy thing which was fairly recent, was that after being jabbed twice (as I wanted to get off this island for a bit and traveling on planes tends to be the most effective method), I have just recovered from the dreaded ‘Rona-Vids. I felt a bit dodgy with nothing more than a headache and feeling a bit knackered. The worst bit is that I have still to regain my sense of smell. Now, farting is a thing I find of much hilarity on many different levels. This free amusement has now been effectively halved by only experiencing the audible aspect. I am still robbed of feeling a huge sense of achievement by having to open the widow, as I have managed to offend myself.

Other nasty stuff like the constant re-arrangement of gigs, has also been somewhat of a turd. Trying to arrange personal stuff around an ever moving agenda has been a right salad of a situation. However, this is slowly becoming less of an issue with a healthy looking 2022 on the gig front, which again seamlessly leads into the actual point of this rambling.

Stray (with Del Bromham and other lovely people, plus me) are performing at the Stables on Sunday, 21 November 2021. We usually have a good chuckle and make a racket for a sell out audience. We are doing alright ticket sales wise, but would like to punt the gig to the Crowbar ladies and gents in case we can tempt you along. Tickets and info can be found:

We’ll be doing all sorts of stuff, a bit of this and that with some other stuff – to be brutally honest I have no idea what we’re doing, but it’ll be a guaranteed laugh.

If you can’t make it to the Stables or just don’t want to, then please make an effort to pop to the Crowbar and share some laughs and a few pints with each other in the run up to 2022. All the staff and bands have been through it and without punters, there is no point in the rather splendid lights being turned on.

Many of us have been chomping at the bit to get back into seeing bands and a massive lift I experienced, was going to the Steel house festival shortly after the restrictions had been abandoned. An emotional return to doing one of the things I love. This was then accentuated by the Crowbar staff bending over backwards to put live music back where it belongs and hosting many sweaty dance inducing gigs. I tip my cap to you all!

Anyway, as the correlation of trying to remember not to mix sugar puffs up with weedkiller, that it’s still only Wednesday (it is Wednesday isn’t it?) and the strenuous brain activity in trying to recall what a curry guff smells like, is now taking it’s toll on my more than dubious neurological functions……. Penguin.

Hope to see you all either at the Stables or in the Crowbar soon. Much love and stuff to you all. Have some more photos for your peepers to gaze upon. X

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