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In December 2019, two much loved Landlords retired and the group of reprobates who had formally been their bar staff, became a people without a place, a team without a project, (and most importantly) piss-heads without a pub!! All good friends, they knew if they stuck together, with their combined experience, contacts and skill set, there could be exciting new things on the horizon.

So the idea for The Crooked Crow Bar was hatched. An independent Music & Events Bar, with a pool table/bar games, WIFI, decent coffee and great music during the day and crazy events such as immersive theatre, interactive quizzes, comedy and themed movie nights in the evening and, of course, good beer and live music.

We found a venue in Leighton Buzzard perfect for what we needed, the right size, close to town... it even had room for an escape room to be built upstairs! The ball was rolling, license applications were being granted and the beg-and-borrow process for funding and furnishings were well underway!

Just a few short weeks later, we opened our doors. We had no idea what to expect, partially due to being so crackered from the mountain of DIY and paperwork that was an unavoidable part of opening a new bar, and partially as by time the lease had finally been secured and works complete, we were well into January (which is often referred to as the Pub-Graveyard month). But opening night was a huge success. People came, in fact, they kept coming and coming! The following night it was much the same, people kept arriving in droves, all excited for Leighton Buzzard to have a new independent venue and wanting to show their support.

Every weekend it has been the same, and we have hosted some completely awesome gigs, with many more yet to come.

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